Consignment Contract Agreement

1. Consignment Split:  Sixty Percent (60%) shall be retained By Just Her Size Consignment and the remaining forty (40%) shall be paid out to you (initial)______the Consignor. Exceptions can be made for a higher split to the Consignor in favor of Designer Purses in Like New or better condition and that split can be as high as 75%. Just Her Size Consignment will make the decision on what is deemed fit to be named and given a higher percentage split. 

2. Consignment Period:  The Consignment Agreement is hereby agreed for a maximum 90-day consignment period for each batch of items consigned. Every time a new item is consigned, it will have its own 90-day period on the floor. Any items remaining unsold at the end of the 90-day period can be set aside for pickup, at no cost to the Consigner.  To take advantage of this, Consigner must communicate this request to Just Her Size Consignment no more than 15 days and no less than 7 days in advance of the items’ expiration date.  No Exceptions. Nearing the end of a season (winter/fall or spring/summer) the consignment period may be reduced to less than 90 days.  Consigner will be advised at time of drop-off of a reduced time period.

3. Unsold items:  At the conclusion of the 90-day consignment period, any unsold items that have not been requested for return, become the property of Just Her Size Consignment with no further notice required to the Consignor.

4. Property Rights:  Items contractually consigned at Just Her Size Consignment will become property of Just Her Size Consignment for the 90-day consignment period. Any request to pull items more than 15 days prior to the end of the consignment period will be subject to a $10.00 Pull Fee.  This fee covers the floor space the item(s) used, the time and resources used to prep, price, and tag, and employee time spent pulling item(s) prior to the expiration date.  Items consigned are included in storewide reduction sales and tag sales unless agreed upon by Just Her Size Consignment.


5. Imperfections:  Damaged Items in need of repair or cleaning may be thrown away without notice.  Any items requiring more than a light steam to make them rack-ready will be subject to a reduction in payment percentage to thirty (30%) percent. 

6. Consignment Payment Schedule: There are two options to receive payment for items sold while consigned.  Consignors have the option of using funds on their account as an in-store credit at any time for items purchased in the store or online, or by requesting a cash payment.  Just Her Size Consignment pays out cash every Saturday to those Consignors who request payment. Consignor must call or message Just Her Size Consignment Monday through Thursday of the week payment is desired to be included in that Saturday’s payments.  The Consigner must come into the store to receive cash.  Consignors calling or messaging on Friday will be included in the following week’s payments and will be advised of such.  It is not required to collect payments available on a Consigner account every Saturday.  Money will remain on account until collected or spent in-store and is visible in the Consigner Access System. 

7. Liability: Just Her Size Consignment assumes no liability for the loss or destruction of any items accepted for consignment. We carefully monitor and care for items consigned with Just Her Size Consignment. 

8. Consignor Access:  Consignors have access to the Consigner Access System, through the website

This link allows the Consignor to see their items move through the system from tagging to sale/expiration.  It is the responsibility of the Consignor to use this system to monitor the status of any items using this system.  The system will display current status, expiration date, and monies earned from the sale of consigned items.  This link will be sent to your email: ________________________________________

Consignor should use this link to monitor when consigned items have been tagged, sold, and when they expire.  It also shows the Consignor what items are unsold. 

9. Transactions and Disputes: All transactions and resolutions to disputes will take place at Just Her Size Consignment.


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