Just Her Size Consignment (Plus Sizes Only)
Just Her Size Consignment (Plus Sizes Only)



Consignment Contract Agreement

1. Consignment Split:Sixty percent (60%) of the sale proceeds of each item shall be paid to Just Her Size Consignment:Forty percent (40%) shall be retained by _____YOU_________________________. If items are not brought in ready to sell condition, then we cannot accept them.


2. LIABILITY: Just Her Size Consignment assumes no liability for the loss or destruction of any items put on Consignment. We assure you that we value your business and that we do everything in our power to carefully monitored and cared for your


3. IMPERFECTONS: Consignments in need of repairs, or cleaning
may, without notice, be thrown away.


4. A minimum of two (2) day’s notice must be given before pickup of expiring items. OWNERS WILL BE RESPONSIBLE FOR PULLING ALL UNSOLD merchandise.


5. All unsold pieces must be retrieved within 24 hours after consignment agreement ends unless agreement is renewed for another period. All unsold consignments not retrieved by the end of the contract period will, WITHOUT FURTHER NOTICE, automatically become property of Just Her Size Consignments. All expired items that are converted in our system will become property of Just Her Size Consignment and will stay as such with NO EXCEPTIONS. We will give you 24 hours to collect your
items after they have been converted to our inventory and any items sold while
in conversion mode will be credited to Just Her Size Consignment NO EXCEPTIONS.


6. DURATION and RENEWABILITY: Maximum consignment length is 90 days, unless agreed upon otherwise by management and Consignee. This Consignment Agreement is renewable once original contract is up.


7. REDUCTIONS: Prices may be reduced at the discretion of Just Her Size Consignment. Reductions are usually done on a piece by piece basis.


8. CONSIGNMENT PAYMENT WILL BE VOIDED 2 DAYS AFTER AGREEMENT TERMINATION. Our accounts are open forever, so you would basically have to disapear for 1 year without giving us notice, So dont worry about it.


9. CONSIGNMENT MONEY: Payments are issued on the 1st and 15th only with
absolutely no exceptions. (This $25.00 rule is only on your first pay out, the 48 hour rule is always). Your account must be at 25.00 dollars and you must call 48 hours in advance to added to the list of consignors who are coming to collect their payment. If you you do not land within this time frame, no exceptions will be made. Any payments that are not collected on the day scheduled will be subject to our 5.00 convenience fee. If you do not pick up your payment on the day scheduled, it will be retracted and the consignor will forfeit the payment for the day but will be eligible to apply for the next payout date. If Consignors want to pick up money that has not hit the agreed upon $25.00 mark, they will be subject to our 25% dock charge, meaning that you will be charged a 25% early pick up fee. That fee is charged as rental space. All Payments are CASH!


responsibility of the seller(you) to maintain all records of consignments and the
status of the account. Of Course, we have all of our records also. We provide a
system that allows you to see the consignment from your very own PC, tablet,
laptop, or Phone. Please use this service provided.


11. All transactions and resolutions to disputes will take place at Just Her Size Consignment.


12. This Consignment Agreement is hereby agreed upon from
the date of ____90 days____________ until __________________.  


13. I ______________________ agree to all of the above terms
and agree to these terms as part of my consignment with Just Her Size


Account Number Assigned:____________________________











Signature of


______________________________ Date____________

Signature of Just Her
Size Consignment.

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Cincinnati, OH 45247


E-mail: justhersize@gmail.com

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