Consignment Contract Agreement



1. Consignment Split: Sixty Percent (60%) shall be retained By Just Her Size Consignment and the remaining forty (40%) shall be paid out to you(intials)______the Consignor. Exceptions can be made for a higher split to the consignor in favor of Designer Purses in GREAT CONDITION and that split can be as high as 75%. Just Her Size Consignment will make the decision on what is deemed fit to be named and given a higher percentage split.



2. The Consignment Agreement is hereby agreed for a 90 day consignment period for each batch of items consigned. Everytime a new item is consigned, it will have its own 90 day period on the floor. Any items not SOLD within the 90 day period can be given Back to you at NO COST, as long as Just Her Size Consignment is given 1 week in advance of the items expiration date. No Exceptions. 



3. Unsold Items: If unsold items are not retrieved in the agreed upon time and manner as stated above in RULE#2, those items become Property Of Just Her Size Consignment WITH NO FURTHER NOTICE to dicard as we choose and NO EXCEPTIONS.



4. Property Rights: Items contractually consigned at Just Her Size Consignment will become property of Just Her Size Cinsignment for the 90 days agreed upon. Any  early pulls of items for any reason will be subject to the 10.00 Pull Fee, that will cover time and resources used to prep, floor space used, and employee time spent used on an early item pull. Items Consigned are held to store wide reductions and sales unless agreed upon by Just Her Size Consignment.



5. Imperfections: Damaged Items in need of repair or cleaning may be thrown away without Notice.



6. Consignment Payments: Just Her Size pays out cash every Saturday. Consignor needs to call ahead Monday Thru Thursday to make the payout list. Friday means its too late. You dont have to collect every Saturday, it's just an option. All money will remain on account until consignor comes to collect, theres no way to lose your money. Money earned can also be used as in store credit at anytime.



7. Liability: Just her Size assumes no liability for the loss or destruction of any items put on consignment. We assure you that we value your business and that we do everything in our power to carefully monitor and care for your items.



8. Consignor Access: Using A link sent to your email________________________________________We give you an unique insight on tracking your items through our Consignor Access System. This allows you to see everything that is going on with your items from start to expiration date to the amount you make off of each items. It also allows you to see what hasnt sold. It is up to the seller(you) to maintain all records of the consigned items and status of YOUR account. Please use it, its FREE.



9. All transactions and resolutions to disputes will take place at Just Her Size Consignment.



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